Hip-Hop Rumors: Can Mariah Carey Save Jermaine Dupri From Financial Ruin?

AllHipHop Staff

Jermaine Dupri was once a millionaire producer who dated some of the hottest women on the planet, including the incomparable Janet Jackson. The last few years have been tough on J.D., with numerous rumors of home foreclosures, IRS tax bills, and car repos. Some say he tricked all of his money away on Janet Jackson; some say it was his luxurious lifestyle. We don't know.


According to TMZ, J.D. has just dodged another bullet and has saved his Atlanta home from foreclosure for the second time. The home was reportedly up for foreclosure auction this week because he allegedly failed to pay $193,000 in mortgage debt. At the last minute, J.D. filed an emergency motion in response, asking the court to block the auction, claiming he only owed $89,901... and he paid the bill in full by the time he filed the motion.

Mariah Carey and JD

On the bright side, J.D.'s long time collaborator Mariah Carey is back in the studio and prepping a new album. Her first single, "Triumphant", was co-produced by J.D., and we hear that she has been in the studio with him working on her new music.

Hopefully Mariah Carey's single will do well, and other artists will be enticed to work with the one-time top producer again.

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Good luck, J.D.!