Hip-Hop Rumors: Canibus Chokes During Rap Battle - The Move "Disturbs" Talib Kweli

Oh, man, Canibus just went down in flames over the weekend at the Pay-Per-View event - Vendetta: Battle Royale. He was eaten up by battle MC Dizaster, who is a beast in the battle game. Canibus could not keep up with Dizaster, and at one point, ran out of rhymes and pulled out a notepad. Rapper Talib Kweli was disgusted, or in his words "disturbed," by the move and proceeded to berate Canibus on Twitter, tweeting:

talib kweli

"Is mercury in retrograde or something? Just watched Canibus pull out a notepad during a battle. It truly disturbed me!," he tweeted.
"I rarely get confused. But I can't front right now I'm confused."

Producer Alchemist was at the battle and said it was even worse from his ringside view:
"Canibus and boxing died on the same night.

"None of the clips ive seen yet are equivalent to what it was like watching Canibus vs Diz live. It was like being on the set of a snuff film"

Watch Canibus choke big time below: