Hip-Hop Rumors: Canibus Is Coming to Pay-Per-View

It looks like rapper Canibus is coming out of rap retirement to partake in the "Vendetta: Battle Royale" against rap battle veteran, Dizaster. The spit-fest will take place on June 9 in Los Angeles, California, and will mark the first time that Canibus goes into the ring for a one-on-one rap battle on Pay-Per-View.

Canibus released a diss record, "Rip The Jacker 2", toward Dizaster a few months back, which sparked the matching at the Battle Royale. Take a listen to the record below:

That was pretty hard! But although Canibus has an impressive battle record, famously taking on LL Cool J, Eminem, and Wu Tang, Dizaster has won countless battles in the three-round, no time limit format and is a heavy crowd favorite.

If you want to catch the battle, you can order it through the King Of The Dot's Ustream page.