Hip-Hop Rumors: Cee Lo Allegedly Went On A Date With Sexual Battery Accuser

AllHipHop Staff

Yesterday, TMZ broke the news about the L.A. police department launching an investigation into sexual battery allegations made against eccentric artist, Cee Lo.

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Well, today it's been revealed that the accuser isn't just some certifiably insane person trying to get their 15 minutes of fame...or wait maybe it is. Anyway, Cee Lo actually semi-knows this woman and has been out on a date with her. This is all according to her account to the police about the incident. She claims that Cee Lo took her to a sushi restaurant several months ago when the alleged assault took place.

Cee Lo Green

This sounds like a ploy to get money and maybe even a little fame out of the deal. It's insane what people will do nowadays to get famous. Cee Lo released a statement to TMZand said that he hasn't been to that restaurant in months and the allegations are bs. Maybe Cee Lo really isn't the "lady killer"!

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