Hip-Hop Rumors: Charles Hamilton "Upset" With His Fans

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Last we heard about Charles Hamilton, he had allegedly been beat up by a pack of "flamin f*ggots" - you can READ THAT STORY HERE. The talented but tormented rapper recently did an interview with MTV, were he speaks about his music getting "more aggressive" after being locked up. Hamilton was arrested for resisting arrest in Ohio back in 2010. In the interview, Hamilton also expresses his disappointment in his fans. Check out what he said below:


"When I was incarcerated, my songs got a little more aggressive, but after I did some time and came back to NYC, I was a little upset at my fans because they were saying some pretty harsh things about me when I was locked up."

"This is not how you should approach somebody who's been showing you guys free love."

charles hamilton

Hamilton, who has been rumored to have a substance abuse problem, says drugs had nothing to do with his problems in the past.

"[People] were blaming insanity ... because certain details didn't hit the surface, but it had nothing to do with drugs, it had nothing to do with alcohol, it was about me standing up for women, once again."


What about his deal with Interscope? Charles shed some light on what went wrong with that deal, and says that he's not opposed to signing a new record deal under "very specific" terms.

"Interscope had to choose between traditional and the new wave, and I said 'this new wave costs ya'll less money and less compromise' but it took people on the inside to say to Interscope 'ya'll don't know what you're doing with this kid.' A lot of the inner workings weren't made clear to me, and I took it very personally. 'What is it about me that I've gotta get the ax?'


Do you think Charles Hamilton will be able to make a comeback at this point in his career, and with everything that has happened to him? That's a lot of public embarrassment to shake off.

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