Hip-Hop Rumors: Chief Keef May Be Going To Jail, But Don't Bet On It!

AllHipHop Staff

Uh oh! Chief Keef is going dowwwwwwwnnnn! Well, not quite. But, it looks like the authorities out there in Chicago, namely his parole officer, have some serious questions. Apparently, he is on parole - DUH. And, he did an interview where the media outlet Pitchfork took him to a gun range to make it interesting. How typical. And, being the smart dude that he is, Keef forgot that he wasn't allowed to buss his gun at the range. Its a violation of his probation. Well, nobody fully knows what is on that video, but it was taken down after the death of Jo Jo.

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Anyway, it seems that the Pitchfork has been ordered to give up the uncut video of Keef with a gat. I don't know the specific implications of Keef having a gun, but they can't be nice. The news has some people rejoicing, but I'm not happy that Keef may do time. I think that he should do some time with Jim Brown, Muhammad Ali or Denzel…somebody that can help him get a new perspective.

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With a movie on deck, ain't no way Keef going to the BING. Jimmy Io ain't going to have it!

Anybody out there know what Chief Keef may be facing?

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