Hip-Hop Rumors: Chris Brown Fails Drug Test - Was It A "Molly" Or That Ganja That Did Him In?

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I don't know how they kept this under wraps for so long, but back in June, Breezy failed a drug test in his home state of Virginia. He had a probation hearing in L.A. yesterday, which has his #teambreezy crew tweeting him messages of good luck. Rihanna sent him one of those "good luck" tweets, and if you were wondering the status of these two, Rihanna calls him "baby" in one of the tweets. Check out her tweets below:

Rihanna Tweet

Alrighty, then. These two obviously started following each other on twitter again, and Rihanna liked a picture one of her fans photo shopped of her kissing Chris Brown. Brown, on the other hand, has not been seen with his girlfriend Karreuche for a number of days, although she still is constantly accompanied by Breezy's security. You know, in case she runs into any crazy Rihanna fans.

Rihanna Tweets
karrueche-tran and Chris Brown

Because of the positive drug test, Chris Brown's probation was on the verge of getting cut. Judge Patricia Schnegg decided not to revoke his probation because Breezy owned up to it. So what was the drug? It was marijauna. Breezy says that he smoked while in California, where the drug is legal with a prescription.

It turns out, drug testing was never a part of his probation to begin with.

Chris Brown's , "Don't Judge Me" video is set to drop later this week.

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