Hip-Hop Rumors: Chris Brown Feels It's Him Against The World

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Even though Chris Brown has Rihanna back in his corner, he still can't win for losing. Breezy caught a huge L over the weekend when he got into a Twitter war of words with a female comedian. Even though she had an obvious vendetta against him, Brown's over the top reaction to her tweets showed the world that those anger management classes he took may not have worked after all.

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Chris Brown has been vilified ever since the "Rihanna incident," and these random outbursts of anger don't help any. Anyone remember that smashed window on "Good Morning America"?

Chris Brown

Well, Breezy decided to end his Twitter page...again (remember @mechanicaldummy?)....but you can still catch him on Instagram. Instagram has been more of a creative outlet for Chris, and he posts drawings, new t-shirt designs and graffiti pics daily. However, yesterday Breezy must have been feeling down in the dumps and posted an instagram photo of Tupac along with the caption, "That awkward moment when you realize that the only person you can relate to is dead."

Chris Brown Instagram
Chris Brown Instagram

Damn, it's like that Breezy? Can anyone understand why Breezy would compare himself to Tupac?

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