Hip-Hop Rumors: Chris Brown Says "Hip-Hop Is Dead"

In a phrase popularized by Nas, Chris Brown is now proclaiming that "Hip-Hop is dead." In a rare interview, Chris Brown explains how the music industry is "broke," and how that fact affects artists' creativity. Check out what he said below:

“You know how they said Hip-Hop is dead, certain sh*t is dead? It's really dead because nobody believes in the brand anymore."

Breezy also goes on to chat about his belief in "ancient aliens", and how his Fortune album artwork reflects that belief with a secret code in each album which his fans can decifer. Each album has a different message. Interesting.

Check out the interview below. You can go to the 3:50 mark to hear Breezy talk about Hip-Hop being dead:

Below is another interesting portion of the interview, where Breezy talks about trying to get a collabo with Michael Jackson and what type of legacy he wants to leave, as well as learning the "Thriller" dance in two days.

Nice interview. Breezy should talk to the press more. It may help his image!