Hip-Hop Rumors: Common's Mother Shares How His First Writing Experience Led To A "Butt Whoopin'"

In honor of Mother's Day, Common's mother, Dr. Mahalia Hines, shares a throwback story about how a then 10-year-old Common snuck out of the house and left a poetic note explaining his absence. The note was his first attempt at writing, but it landed Common in hot water. Check out what Dr.Hines told Necole Bitchie.com below:

"One day, I left him at home, he was about 10 years old and I told him to stay in the house because I was having furniture delivered. And when I got back, needless to say, the furniture wasn’t there and he had taped the key on the outside of the door for the delivery man and told him that he would be able to go in and leave the furniture. He had written him a really nice note and it was his first example of being able to write because it was in a poetic fashion. Needless to say, he got a butt whopping but it was his first writing experience."

Check out the video below: