Hip-Hop Rumors: Dame Dash Says He Needs Dr. Phil To Help Fix Jay-Z Friendship

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Although Dame Dash is still mum on whether or not he and Jay-Z still speak, he gave a very telling interview to our girl, Sharon Carpenter, over at Global Grind, that revealed he and Jay-Z still have a lot of personal issues to resolve. So many issues that Dame suggests that only TV help guru Dr. Phil can help them repair their friendship.

Dr. Phil

Check out what he said below:

"All we did is made a company together and sold the company and went and did other businesses. Why can't two black people do that? Like, that happens all the time. Like, it was a business arrangement obviously. And we do two different kinds of businesses, right? The business we did, we made a lot of money. All good. You know what I'm saying? Maybe what you might want to ask is about the friendship, what happened with that, but that's more personal. I need Dr. Phil for that one.

Dame Dash and Jay-Z

In the interview, Dame does a good job of staying politically correct...for the most part, and you can tell that he's definitely a lot more mature now than he was when he and Jay were in the thick of things. But he is Dame Dash isn't he? You don't expect him to change that much! Dame is still taking credit for Jay and Kanye West's success.

Kanye West and Dame Dash

Check out what he said about it below:

"[Did I make any mistakes?] Not at all, look at Jay-Z, look at everything, look at Kanye, every success they've had I'm proud of. Every time I see them on television, I know what I did. You know in life, there's tragedies, everyone has them, so even through the tragedies, I was able to deal with my tragedies in a way that other people usually can't. You understand what I'm saying? I'm doing what I want right now. I still feel crispy. Somebody told you [me and Jay are still cool?] I'm going to leave that one a mystery. I have nothing but positive things to say about him. He's doing well. I think he's doing good, what he wants to be, he is and that's what counts."

Bro, if you have to answer a question about you a Jay being cool by saying that you want to "keep it a mystery," chances are, you guys are no longer cool. Am I right?! Don't get me wrong, though, I like Dame. He's a hustler! Plus, I think he got the raw end of the stick in that Roc-A-Fella situation. Glad to see that he's doing well!

Dame Dash

You can check out the full interview below:

Did Dame really ask if the IRS was listening when Sharon Carpenter asked him to name all of his businesses? He is too much! You see, that's exactly why Jay-Z can't mess with you!

Dame Dash

Sidenote: Dame Dash's cousin is the fine actress, Stacey Dash. Yeah, the fly girl who was in the movie Clueless back in the day, and has recently been getting some backlash because of her support of Mitt Romney.

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Stacy Dash

Stacy is taking Mitt Romney's loss hard and has written a 1,000-word letter to TMZabout her election "depression." This chick is crazy. I guess she got all beauty and no brains.

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