Hip-Hop Rumors: Delusional? Shyne Says That He Saved Diddy And J.Lo's Lives!

AllHipHop Staff

Shyne has been very outspoken as of late, and in a recent interview with WGIV in Charlotte, he offers more details about that faithful night in NYC when he shot up the club protecting Diddy. While he's telling the story, he comes to the revelation that he saved both Diddy and J.Lo's lives. Check out what he said below:

J.Lo and Diddy

"I wasn't thugging and bugging that night, you dig. "I was actually the best behaved because I don't drink and I don't smoke. You dig? But I'm from the streets so when it's time for my hammer to go off, it goes off."

"Somebody was getting ready to pop ol' boy's head off. It might not have been no Jennifer Lopez movies or none of that if I didn't pull my ratchet and squeeze off. I saved all of our lives."

Is Shyne delusional, or does he have a point? You can check out the interview with Shyne below:

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