Hip-Hop Rumors: Did 40 Glocc Pose As Game's Son On Twitter?

AllHipHop Staff

The Game and 40 Glocc are sure milking this situation as much as possible, aren't they? In the latest interviews with the two rappers, Game goes into detail about why he assaulted 40 Glocc in the first place.

According to Game, he believes that 40 Glocc created a fake Twitter account and posed as Game's oldest son and proceeded to allegedly talk trash about him. Game called into Cosmic Kev on Philadelphia's Power 99FM and gave a play-by-play of the fight including details that he actually hemmed up 40 twice.


According to TMZ, Game said that the only reason that he stopped beating on 40 was because he was afraid he was going to put him into a coma or even kill him, and he didn't want to "get 25 to life." Is it really that serious, people?!

40 Glocc also revealed details about the fight. Check out what he told Bootleg Kev on Power 98.3 below:

Game vs 40 Glocc
Game vs 40 Glocc

"Everybody know I don't go out like that. I'm obviously held down at gunpoint, you know, it is what it is. I got jumped, all that footage is edited. I got jumped like three times. They sliced up footage of the edit, they made sure they cut everybody out that was jumping. But if you look at it, you see the feet, you see the people they was clipping the scenes. ... Dealing with street stuff, you just gotta take it for what it is. But it's not street stuff no more when you're taking it and want to take it viral to boost your image like you punking somebody. He knows in my natural state, when I was ready to fight back, they rushed me again. ... It was all them swining on me right there. It is what it is -- it was really nothing I could do with that. But as far as the streets, he took it from being street when he took it viral and tried to use it to boost his image as far as him punking somebody."

When will people learn not to commit a crime and post it on the Internet? Folks are getting snatched up by po po left and right because of posting an assault or crime online. The ish will catch up to you eventually. Let's hope the Game doesn't get popped over this foolishness.