Hip-Hop Rumors: Did A Fan Steal A$AP Rocky's Rolex Right Off His Arm?

A$AP Rocky was in London at the Camden Electric Ballroom last night (June 6) when the young Harlem rapper decided to stage dive. One of his British fans had a case of the sticky fingers and stole A$AP's $15,000 Rolex watch right off of his wrist.

When the “Goldie” rapper noticed that his watch was gone, he sent his A$AP Mob into the stands to find the thief.

“Does it look like I’m playing right now?” A$AP asked the crowd as the house lights went on. “We not gon’ end our show just ’cause somebody took a $15,000 watch. F*ck it, man.”


Moments later, the rollie and its thief were discovered, and A$AP began yelling out, “F*ck that ni**a up, f*ck him. Beat his ass!”

That "fan" sure did have some courage to steal Pretty Flocka's watch right off of his wrist in the middle of a show! Talk about having some balls!

Check out the video of the incident below: