Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Bow Wow Lie To The Judge In His Child Support Case?

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I guess Bow Wow's "106 & Park" gig has come in handy, because according to him, he only has $1,500 in his checking account! Huh??? Bow Wow and his daughter's mother, Joie Chavis, were in court on Monday fighting over child support and exactly how much Bow Weezy should be paying. According to Bow Wow, he is only raking in $4K a month from Ca$h Money Records and he testified that he only has $1,500 in his checking account!

Bow Wow and Shai

Bow Wow has agreed to pay $3K a month in child support, and was ordered by the judge to pay $11,500 in back child support. There is just one small issue. Now that Bow Wow was named one of the hosts of "106 & Park", his income has gone up, and the judge may feel that he lied about his income at the court hearing because he didn't disclose the new gig.

Hmm, I guess the new gig came just in time.

Source: TMZ

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