Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Chief Keef Have Something To Do With Lil' Jo Jo's Murder?

Slain Chicago rapper Lil' Jo Jo's mother recently made an appearance on BET's Don't Sleep! with T.J. Holmes and during her appearance she said that she believes Chief Keef is responsible for killing her son. Check out what she said below:


"I don't believe him (Chief Keef), himself pulled the trigger but I believe he paid somebody to do it. I would like justice to come from this and to show kids it's a better way to get an education and yes, I fear for my own life. [Police] have a couple leads, they're still working on it."

Before he was murdered, Lil' Jo Jo and Chief Keef were known enemies and often went back and forth on twitter hurling insults at each other. Lil' Jo Jo was gunned down while riding on the back of a friends bike in a Chicago neighborhood, after tweeting his location. Let's hope the police solve the case soon and gives this grieving mother some justice.

Lil Jojo

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