Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Diddy And Kid Cudi Come To Blows Over Cassie?

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Early this year, there was a rumor circulating that Kid Cudi and Cassie had a secret rendezvous behind Diddy's back. From what we heard, Kid Cudi and Cassie were good friends, and Cassie confided in him regarding her issues with being Diddy's side piece. The source says that Cudi took advantage of Cassie while she was emotionally weak and seduced her.


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According to Bossip, Diddy was furious with Cudi and even allegedly threatened to have him killed! Well, ish hit the fan on Tuesday night when all three went out to Club Trousdale in Hollywood. Check out how Bossip reports it below:

“The club owner didn’t know that the two had beef over Cassie and decided to sit Diddy down next to Cudi,” the spy tells BOSSIP. “The two then exchanged some heated words to the point where the entire club was watching – creating a huge scene.”

That ish Cray!

Kid Cudi and his daughter

Side note: Kid Cudi must really be going through something right now, because we hear that he has given up some of his parental rights for his daughter. According to TMZ, Kid Cudi agreed to give up custody of his daughter in exchange for visitation rights. According to his daughter's mother, Cudi has violent tendencies and a "long history of consistent drug and alcohol abuse."

It sounds like Kid Cudi needs an intervention.

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