Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Diddy Order Rick Ross And Meek Mill Not To Work With Ryan Leslie?

AllHipHop Staff

It's common knowledge that before Cassie was Diddy's side piece, she was the girlfriend to producer and artist Ryan Leslie. Leslie was actually the one who plucked her out of a NYC night club and put her into the studio because she had the "look." As we all learned later, she doesn't exactly have the chops or the moves to be a singer but ce'st la vie. Anyway, Diddy came in and sweeped Cassie off of her feet and she left Leslie quicker than Usain Bolt crossed the finish line at the 100 meter race at the 2012 Olympics.

Diddy and friends

We thought that was the end of it and all three parties moved on, not so according to Mouth To Ears.com. Sources in Leslie's camp are saying that Diddy is trying to sabotage Leslie and has put calls into his famous friends and asked them to give Leslie the shake. The source says that Leslie was excited about features from Rick Ross and Meek Mill for his upcoming album, but once Diddy heard about the requests, he shut it down.

Diddy and Cassie

Diddy came away with the girl, the fame and the money, I wonder why he is allegedly trying to sabotage Leslie. Is it really that serious Diddy?