Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Diddy Pay Off BET Exec To Play Cassie's New Video?

We've all heard about payola going on in the music industry in the past, but we usually hear about money changing hands for radio play. According to Gossip Jacker, Diddy has been paying a high powered exec over at BET to play Bad Boy artist Cassie's video "King of Hearts" on their most popular show, "106 & Park". The post below was left anonymously on a message board:

"My friend who works for BET says Diddy paid for Cassie's King Of Hearts video to be on 106 and Park. He said Diddy is best friends with Steven Hill.

He says everyone in the office laughs about how the song did not chart but is always on 106 and Park. He also said Beyonce would never listen to Cassie. Her cousin Angie Beyince put Cassie's song on Beyonce's website as a favor for her friend Cappadonna."

But wait, aren't the videos on 106 & Park controlled by the viewers voting for their favorite video?