Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Dr. Dre Put A Restraining Order on Suge Knight?

Suge Knight was a guest on the Howard Stern radio show recently and went in on Dr. Dre, throwing everything but the kitchen sink at him. The Death Row honcho accused Dr. Dre of going to his parole officer and trying to get a restraining order on him. Check out what he said below:

"Just recently Dre went to my P.O. and tried to get me violated and he snitched on me. I haven't even seen the guy since I've been home. Anyway, he went to my P.O. and they made a special case in my parole conditions.... he basically put a restraining order on me," said Suge Knight.

Suge then went on a rampage, saying that 95% of rappers are closet homosexuals and calling Dr. Dre out as a bisexual man. Suge also told a story of an alleged argument that took place at Death Row's infamous "Red Room," where Tupac allegedly confronted Dr. Dre about being gay and said that he did not want to be on a song with him because of his sexual preference.

Tupac and Dr. Dre

"Tupac stood up and said, 'I'm tired of this, Dre's you's a f*aggot...I don't want be doing songs with a guy whose pounding another guy in the butt,'" said Suge Knight.

According to Suge, Dre then stood up and said, "I'm not a homosexual, I'm bisexual..."

This is a lot of information to process. Check out a snippet of the interview below: