Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Frank Ocean Break Up A Marriage?

AllHipHop Staff

Oh man, this is one explosive rumor right here that I hope isn't true.

Allegedly, Frank Ocean has had a secret love affair with Christopher “Trickey” Stewart, The-Dream's writing partner. Word on the street is that their alleged secret affair is what led to the destruction of the producer’s marriage to his wife, Makita, last year.


Here’s what Diary of a Hollywood Street King is reporting below

“I know about what goes on behind the scenes cause I work as an engineer in recording studios. I worked w/ Frank & I know the people that hang in his circle real well. Before Frank revealed that he was bisexual he was kinda in the closet. He was a mouthpiece for a lot of closeted married and single bicurious/bisexual men in the industry. A lot of these dudes have a sexual fetish for being serviced by other men. In the very very beginning Frank kinda passed as a straight dude so he didn’t arise any suspicion when he was always seen staying late or spending the night with certain dudes that he kicked it with all the time.

Trickey and wife

The open secret in small industry circles is his affair with his married producer, Trickey Stewart. He was good friends with the wife Makita; however, he betrayed her by sleeping with her husband. The most scandalous is how he serviced Trickey in the living room on their sofa while she was right upstairs sound asleep. He did this a lot after studio sessions until she discovered what was going on. Frank is a nice, eccentric young man; however he can’t really be trusted cause he ruins every friendship he has with women. He is addicted to the thrill of pursuing men who are in heterosexual relationships. a lot of his female friends fell for his charm, trusted him as a friend only to get burned when they discovered he tried to make a pass at their men behind their back. It’s awful when he is in a relationship with a woman cause they don’t know whether the guy’s he kick it with all the time are just friends or a sidepiece. All his relationships w/ women don’t last long at all.”

That ish cray!



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