Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Freddie Gibbs Cost A Police Officer His Job?

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With all of the presidential election hoopla, I completely missed this story about Freddie Gibbs getting a police officer in hot water after the officer allowed him to use his squad car in an upcoming music video for Gibbs' song, "BFK". The YouTube video posted is a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the music video, showing Gibbs rapping in front of the squad car, which is parked at an angle and has its lights flashing.

Three-year Indiana Police Force patrolman Jason Johnson, who also made a cameo in the video in his uniform, was reprimanded and demoted after his superiors caught wind of the video. The story appeared on the cover of the Indiana Post Tribune.

Freddie Gibbs Front Page

According to the paper, in one shot, Gibbs leans against the front fender, and one of his homies says, "We're smoking weed with the police outside."  The camera then pans to officer Johnson, who is watching the rapper perform in full uniform. This officer is an idiot for 1) allowing his car to be in a music video with people smoking weed, and 2) for appearing in his uniform. I put all of the blame on the officer, and not Gibbs, in this situation. He's an officer of the law. He should have known better.

Freddie Gibbs

Sidenote: Freddie Gibbs dry-snitched on a TSA agent last year when an agent let his luggage slide by with two bags of marijuana inside it. The agent left a note in his suitcase that read, "Come'on Son". Gibbs posted the note on Twitter, and the TSA launched an investigation into the matter. Not sure if anyone was fired over his tweet, but most likely, if they found the person, they were canned.

People have no sense when it comes to posting stuff online. You can't tweet everything, people!

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