Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Game Really Lose $100,000 Over His Rescheduled Wedding?

AllHipHop Staff

Rapper Game recently made headlines when he called off the wedding to the mother of his two children. We later learned that Game was going to film the show for a new reality show, so we knew what was up. Game said that his fiancee called off the wedding because of his "web of lies, cheating, and lack of presence," but we have a feeling it was for the future ratings of the reality show.

Anyway, TMZ caught up with Game and his fiancee in L.A. recently, and the rapper claims to have lost "about $100,000" for the venue change. "Yeah, we lost about $100,000 in the venue change, but it's all good. I got long paper," he said.

Talk about money to burn. Will you be tuning into Game's new reality show?