Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Joseline "Out" Stevie J As Being On The Down-Low?

AllHipHop Staff

If you've ever watched "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta," you know that producer Stevie J and his artist/girlfriend, Joseline Hernandez, have a very volatile relationship. These two fight and make up like it's nobody's business!

As of late the two seemed to be getting along, being spotted everywhere from L.A. to NY - but that all seemed changed last night. Stevie must have done something to really get under Joseline's skin because she went H.A.M. on Twitter last night and threatened to expose a certain someone and their down low lifestyle. Now I don't know if this is 100% about Stevie J, but what else does this broad have to tweet about?

Check out a few screen shots of her tweets below:

Joseline tweets

Wow, she went in! Do you think she was talking about Stevie J?

Stevie J

Spotted at: Rhymes With Snitch

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