Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Kanye West Skip Out On The WTT After Party Out Of Spite?

Rumor has it that Kanye West left his Watch The Throne bandmate, Jay-Z, high and dry in Paris recently, when he allegedly skipped out on the tour stop after-party to go to his hotel and Skype with his girlfriend, Kim Kardashian. Word on the street is that Jay and Bey are still not feeling Kim and refused to allow her into their inner circle, and even allegedly banned her from the after party. Apparently, Kanye, in turn, refused to go to the after party out of spite and instead chatted with his boo over Skype.

Kim Kardashian

Yeezy missed a h*ll of a bash at the L’Arc nightclub, where Jay-Z and Beyonce partied alongside Serena Williams, Quincy Jones, actor Adrien Brody, and Whitney Houston’s ex mentor, Clive Davis. 

WTT Paris After-Party

The Sun is reporting that when the DJ played "I Will Always Love You" in tribute, Jay and Bey belted out the lyrics to each other. A source said: “Jay and Beyonce don’t usually do that kind of thing; the rest of the party couldn’t believe it.”