Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Lil' Kim Get Secretly Married?

AllHipHop Staff

Talk about break-up to make-up! Just last week, Lil' Kim was announcing her breakup from her boyfriend, rapper Papers. Check out her announcement tweet below:

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Lil' Kim tweet

Oh, what a difference a week makes! Papers must have really done some groveling, because the Queen Bee has taken him back, and may have even gotten secretly married to him! Rhymes with Snitch snapped a screen shot of the tweets from both Lil' Kim and Papers addressing the other as their spouse. Check it out below:

Lil' Kim and Papers tweet

Wow, did dude really tattoo Lil' Kim's government on his arm? I hope this "marriage" thing works out for the both of them. If not, Papers is going to have a hard time covering that tattoo up. Congratulations to the Queen Bee!