Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Lil' Wayne Dump His Fiancée For His Rapper Ex, Trina?

Last week, we told you how Lil' Wayne dumped his rumored fiancée, Dhea, because she was being a little too ambitious for his taste and had begun posing for men's magazines and opened a Twitter account. Well, those may not be the only reasons why Wayne gave homegirl her walking papers.

Weezy recently gave his ex-girlfriend Trina a huge shout out while on stage at club LIV in Miami, FL over the weekend and basically professed his love for his ex. "If Trina’s in here. Hey Trina. I love you and I miss you baby," said Lil' Wayne.

Check out the video below and hear it for yourself.

Weezy was trying to get some love in the club, I see. Those two were actually cute together, but we hear Trina is now dating NBA star James Harden - below is a picture of them embracing at a recent Thunders game.

Trina and James Harden

Side note: Did you hear Kevin Hart joking around with Lil' Wayne on stage? He said, "Trina, if you in here I just wanna say, I'm drinking milk and I should be taller tomorrow" -- He is such a fool!