Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Lil' Wayne Get Banned From The OKC Game Or Not?

Last night, Lil' Wayne tweeted that he was denied entrance into the Oklahoma Thunder playoff game by upper management. See his tweet below:

Word on the street is that the OKC Thunder's star player, James Harden, personally requested the Weezy ban because of Weezy's current antics professing his love to Trina.

Lil Wayne Tweet

You see Trina, is now James Harden's girlfriend, so he does not want to see his girlfriends ex-boyfriend sitting in the first row, especially knowing he is trying to woo her back.

Trina and James Harden

Well, the OKC Thunder have released a statement to TMZ saying they don't have any beef with Weezy:

"We did not deny him." His representatives contacted us about tickets, and we told them we are completely sold out."


Now, YMCMB President Mack Maine has spoken to MTV saying that he was the one who was trying to acquire the tickets for Weezy. He added that the tickets were actually supposed to be a gift for Weezy's manager, Cortez Bryant, who is a huge Spurs fan. Check out what he said about the incident below:

"He finally just let me know, they not really tryin' to sell tickets to him.

"They said they'll give him some tickets on the front row behind, but they're not really tryin' to have him sittin' courtside.

"Then they also sent a message back sayin' the OKC policy was no special parking and no escort, so he gotta walk in like everybody else," he explained. "Why would you actually want to cause pandemonium? It's gonna make it harder for your security."

Mack explained that he and Weezy were just concerned about their safety and the safety of the fans. It's hard to imagine that the multiplatinum superstar could just slip in and out of an arena unnoticed.

"We're not no prima donnas, but that's just common sense, for our safety and the safety of your building," the Billionaire Minds rapper said. "We were basically just tryin' to take our brother to the game." Chances are Tez wouldn't have enjoyed himself anyway, as his beloved Spurs lost to the Thunder in a blowout, 102-82.

"Yeah it worked out perfect anyway," he said.

So, I'm confused. Is he banned or not?