Hip-Hop Rumors: Did MGK Almost Get "Shelved" By Bad Boy For Being A "Wild Boy"?

Bad Boy's resident "wild boy," MGK, has recently confessed in an interview with HOT 97's Peter Rosenberg that he was on the verge of getting dropped by Bad Boy Records AND his management, because of his "bad attitude." Check out what he said below.

"I was going to get shelved by the label and my management was going to leave because I have the worst attitude in the world."

The rapper also revealed that he has been on a "three week and four day [streak] of sobriety of anger" because of all of his recent trouble with losing his temper, and says that his team recently got him security, not to keep him safe, but to keep him from hurting other people. Sheesh!

Machine Gun Kelly

MGK was in a sharing mood, because he also shared that he almost got kicked off of the Tech N9ne tour as well and has five lawsuits filed against him for fighting! Machine Gun Kelly was also recently banned from NYC's Highline Ballroom for allegedly attacking a bouncer with a bottle back in January, or as he put it, “I’ve been wrongfully stereotyped because of a bullshit story."

Damn, dude, get your stuff together! Check out the full interview below. The "anger management" talk starts at the 12:07 mark:

Did he really say Motley Crew would be f*cking a girl in the lobby while she sniffed cocaine off his penis?! Wow, MGK is really a "wild boy!"