Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Nas Burn Kelis' Wedding Dress?

AllHipHop Staff

Nasty Nas recently revealed that he knew right away that he wanted to use Kelis wedding dress for his next album cover, after she cleaned him out and left only the dress for him to discover. Well, there was something else that crossed Nas' mind when he saw the dress - burn it! Check out what Nas told The Guardian below:

''I found it in my house and thought, it's going somewhere. Either on the cover of my album, or burning in a garbage can.''

''I was angry when I first found it. Hurt and angry - but I don't think she left it deliberately to hurt me.''

"It's just part of the dress, so I don't know where the rest of it is. But it made all the sense in the world for me to hold on to that. I guess that's just my personality.''

Angela Bassett

Wow, Nas almost went Angela Bassett on Kelis! I'm glad he decided to use the dress for the Life Is Good cover, versus burning it to ashes in a garbage can.