Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Nelly Dump Ashanti Over Her Alleged Groupie Ways?


Oh lawd, this story reads like a true soap opera. According to an exclusive Bossip.com source, Nelly and Ashanti's relationship has imploded over rumors of cheating and sleeping around. Ashanti has allegedly been leading a double life, and while she plays the doting, faithful girlfriend of Nelly to his face, behind his back she has allegedly been intimate with Jay-Z and Nas, as well as producer Chink Santana.


Remember, this is all allegedly! And, in Ashanti's defense, Nelly has also had his share of infidelity rumors, and his affinity for trickin' on strippers and video vixens is legendary in the industry.

Well, according to the source, Nelly was ready to change and move forward with their relationship, but found out that Ashanti was allegedly having a relationship with Chink Santana on the side since 2005. When he confronted Ashanti about the rumors, she allegedly denied it, but the source says that Nelly knew she was lying and dumped her.

Nelly, Ashanti, Kanye and Kim

These two never quite reached the celebrity power couple potential they had in the beginning of their relationship. Hopefully they can work it out. They were cute together.