Hip-Hop Rumors: Diddy Doesn't Pay His Bills?

You always hear of celebrities not paying their bills, but now with Twitter around, disgruntled former employees have a platform to air out the celebrity cheapskates.

Yesterday, Diddy was feeling generous upon returning from his trip to Cannes, France and tweeted that he was going to give away $2 million at his upcoming club appearance at a strip club. One of Diddy's former employees, photographer Rob Hoffman, saw the tweet, and tweeted Diddy back, blowing up his spot for lack of payment. Check out the hilarious tweets below:

Rob then asked his 50,000 followers to retweet #Payyourbillsdiddy to ensure that Diddy could see them. Crazy! No word on whether Diddy finally paid the guy or not.


Spotted at SandraRose.com