Hip-Hop Rumors: Diddy Responds To G-Dep's "Guilty" Conviction On Murder Charges, Says It Wasn't In G-Dep's "Nature"

Diddy was a guest on Funkmaster Flex's radio show on HOT 97 in NYC and spoke candidly about the recent murder conviction of former Bad Bay artist G-Dep.

“I was like, ‘Wow'. None of that was in G. Dep's nature. When there were certain things that he was going through with the substance abuse situation, he'd be a different person, but on an everyday [basis], he was probably one of the nicest, most quietest, shyest, most humble cats that were out there. It was just so out of his character that it was mind-blowing.”

G-Dep confessed to the shooting in December 2010 - a long ago, botched robbery that resulted in the shooting death of a man named John Henkel. Dep will be sentenced on May 8 and faces 15 years to life in prison.


During the interview, Diddy also addressed hopping on Wale's "Slight Work" remix alongside the former Robin to his Batman, Ma$e.

"Me and Mase are cool. We've kept in touch over the years. I love Mase," he told Flex of the MC who once retired to become a preacher. "If it wasn't for Mase, I wouldn't be where I was at today. Me and him were like Batman and Robin. So it felt good to get back on a record with him, and it's one of the hottest, most intense records in the club. That's what I specialize in. And then talking that talk."

Check out the full radio interview with Diddy here.