Hip-Hop Rumors: Diss Or Punchline? Game Tells Kanye West To "Share That Hoe"

L.A. rapper The Game is at it again! After releasing a "Burn" freestyle yesterday calling out St.Louis rapper Nelly, Game has remixed French Montana's "Pop That" that mentions Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. Is it a diss or punchline? You decide. Check out the lyrics referencing Yeezy and Kim K. below:


"Cope The Yeezy’s Never Wear That Tho, You F*** With Kim K? Nigga Share That H*e."

Game also name checks Kanye West's ex-girlfriend, ex-stripper Amber Rose, Drake's stripper ex, Maliah, and Tyga's stripper girlfriend Blac Chyna. See a pattern here? Anyway, below is the lyric:

Amber Rose

“Amber Rose ain’t got nothin’ on Maliah, Meagan Good ain’t got nothin’ on Chyna and I know Tyga, how I know Tyga?, Meagan Good ain’t got nothing on Chyna,” Game spits. “Sh*t, Japan ain’t got nothin’ on Chyna/Wish that was me, nothin’ on Chyna/Damn, there I go again, I ain’t tryna start nothin’ about speakin’ nothin’ on Chyna!”


The Game is not trying to make the moves on Blac Chyna from what we know of. In fact, he was just in the studio with Tyga last night and tweeted that they just finished a 24-hour studio binge. Check out his tweet below:

“Just wrapped a 24 hour studio session wit the team @chrisbrown @tyga @lifestylemusiq & @kidred …. 10 songs, 6 ace of spades bottles, 2 henny’s , 27 redbull’s & 18 blunts later & we still standing !!!”

So what do you think? Diss or harmless punchline? You can listen to Game's "Pop That" freestyle here.