Hip-Hop Rumors: Diss Or Punchline? Is Eve Throwing Shots At Lauryn Hill?

AllHipHop Staff

Over the weekend, Eve rocked out the "Rock The Bells" concert in California and brought out her old label mate, DMX! Eve tore the stage down, running through some of her best material including ‘What Ya’ll N*ggas Want’, ‘Who’s That Girl’, ‘Let Me Blow Your Mind’ and the ‘Hot Boys (Remix)’.


Towards the end of her set, Eve dropped a freestyle detailing her plan to come back to rap and near the end of her freestyle, Eve rapped, "Spread the word that I’m back, these b-tches in debt better pay their tax."

lauryn hill mug shot

We've all heard about Lauryn Hill not paying her taxes and currently facing jail time. So, do you think Eve's line was directed at Lauryn Hill? It could have very well been directed at half a dozen rappers right now who haven't been paying their taxes, including Beanie Sigel, Young Buck, Nas, even DMX.

So, I have to ask, was that a diss or a punchline?

Spotted at NecoleBitchie.com