Hip-Hop Rumors: Does Lil' Wayne "Wanna Bang" Paris Hilton?!

AllHipHop Staff

Ha ha, he probably has already! But that hasn't stopped Weezy from appearing on Paris Hilton's new single "Last Night", also known as "I Wanna Bang"....how classy! The rapper hopped on Ms. Hilton's 100th attempt at a singing career, and even gave her a hot 16 for it. I wonder how much Weezy got paid for this one? I'm sure it had to be more than a few stacks.

Check out the track below. Are you feeling it at all? The autotune on this track is so obvious, it hurts my ears. Do you think Lil' Wayne should have refrained from appearing on this talentless Hollyweird broad's song, or is it a good look for him?

What's up with the YMCMB boys? Are they getting soft on us? First, Mack Maine attempting to bag Miley Cyrus...and now this? That's not gangster!

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Miley Cyrus

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