Hip-Hop Rumors: Dr. Dre De-Throne's Jay-Z!

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Forbes' annual Hip-Hop Cash Kings list has been released and after topping the list for the past couple of years, Jay-Z has been de-throned by Dr. Dre. The good doctor raked in $110 million dollars, with the bulk of his funds coming from his highly popular Beats By Dre headphones. Dre is only the second person on the list to make over $100 million dollars, the only other person was 50 Cent.


Diddy diddy bopped his way into the number 2 position pulling in 45 Million with Ciroc Vodka being the breadwinner in his business portfolio.

Jay-Z at Budweiser Made In America Festival
Jay-Z at Budweiser Made In America Festival

Although Jay-Z was knocked out of the top spot, he still pocketed an impressive $38 Million dollars pulling in more than half his annual earnings from ventures including ownership stakes in cosmetics company Carol’s Daughter, the Brooklyn Nets and a joint venture with battery maker Duracell. This is the lowest that Jay-Z has ever ranked on the list.

Surprises on the list include indy rapper Tech N9ne who rounded out the list at #20 and pulled in $6 Million dollars. Check out the full list below:

Tech N9ne

1. Dr. Dre – $110 million
2. Diddy – $45 million
3. Jay-Z – $38 million
4. Kanye West – $35 milliom
5. Lil Wayne – $27 million
6 Drake – $20.5 milliom
7. Birdman – $20 million
8. Nicki Minaj- $15.5 million
9. Eminem – $15 million
10. Ludacris – $12 million
11. Pitbull – $9.5 million
12. Rick Ross/Wiz Khalifa – $9 million
14. Snoop Dogg- $8.5 million
15. 50 Cent – $7.5 million
16. Swizz Beatz/Pharrell/Young Jeezy – $7 million
19. Mac Miller- $6.5 million
20. Akon/Timbaland/Tech N9ne/ – $6 million

Ice Cube

I'm surprised Ice Cube is not on this list? He has a very lucrative deal with Coors Light and all of his movies. Is there anyone that's on the list that surprises you?

You can check out a break down of the top 5 earners on the list in the video below:

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