Hip-Hop Rumors Exclusive: Is Mobb Deep Filing A Million Dollar Lawsuit Against Milkcrate Athletics?

There are rumors that a million dollar lawsuit is in the works against Aaron Lacrate of Milkcrate Athletics for bootlegging Mobb Deep's trademark brand name on their shirts. Apparently the duo agreed to a small promo of one tee, and Aaron pulled "a scum bag move" and began producing numerous shirts with the Mobb Deep logo and image.


Milkcrate Athletics is not authorized to sell Mobb Deep or Infamous T-shirts, but has allegedly been making it seem like Mobb Deep is under a full endorsement deal with them. Insiders told us exclusively that Mobb Deep in no way supports this" tacky crumb and his wack tee-shirts."

The crew is allegedly urging fans and retailers not to support the T-shirts, either.