Hip-Hop Rumors: Game And Shyne Insult Each Other With Gay Accusations

AllHipHop Staff

The Game and Shyne war of the words seemed to be slowing down, but as of yesterday, the beef was back on. In between promoting his new album, Jesus Piece, Game went in on Shyne and his sexuality, accusing him of getting through 10 years of jail by giving the inmates fellatio. Game has since deleted his tweets, but you can check out a few of his one line gay zingers towards Shyne below:

@originalshyne only reason u had a career is cause Diddy's d*ck being stuck in ya throat made u sound like BIGGIE !!!

@OriginalShyne u bust the 1st shot at the ceiling like Police do in movies & sh*t.. Then yo scary a** shot into a crowd & hit a black woman."

@OriginalShyne if that make u gangsta.... I don't wanna be 1, u fake jew, cute curly sideburn havin a** n*gga.

@OriginalShyne suckin all that d*ck in prison... N*gga lost his voice. & that's how u survived 10 years p*ssy. Tell us the truth C*M stomach

Diddy and Shyne

Wowzers! Did Game really say that "Diddy's d*ck being stuck" in Shyne's throat made him sound like Biggie. Yooooo! Game went in on Shyne! Not one to be outdone, Shyne shot back at Game with a few gay jokes of his own:

@thegame are u gay? Get off my time line wit all that gay talk. #judas the homo thug!,

@thegame Now I get it...the Lamar kid is your girl that's why u was on that captain save hooker. U had defend your boo! Coward"

@thegame don't bring no security or police with u on that European tour. #hooker"

Is it me, or are these dudes going extra hard with the gay jokes? PAUSE!!! Shyne ended his tweets to Game by basically telling him that he is planning on meeting up with him in Europe, and it won't be to chat.