Hip-Hop Rumors: Game Confirms His Beef With 50 Cent Is Officially Back On!

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50 Cent has never been shy about speaking his mind, whether it be popular opinion or not. This has rubbed a lot of people the wrong way and has caused 50 to be involved with more beefs than any other artist in Hip-Hop. One of his most memorable beefs was with his former G-Unit soldier, Game. Game has come a long way since that beef and seems to be rising up, while some might say that 50 has already reached his peak.

50 Cent

On 50's new track, "My Life", off of his upcoming album, Immortal Street King, 50 rehashes his old beef with Game, and Young Buck and tell them to choke on it.

"I tried to help them kids get on, they turned around and spit right in my face/ So Game and Buck, both can suck a d*ck."

Game and Young Buck

In a new interview with "Big Boy's Neighborhood", Game has made it clear that he will not be giving 50 Cent a pass on this one and plans to come back with his own diss track. Anyone remember "300 Bars and Running?" That's the 14-minute freestyle Game released going in on 50 Cent and G-Unit. Well, we may be in for a treat because, according to Game, he's going to be recreating that freestyle and aiming it directly at 50 Cent. Check out what he said below:

"I might have to go and double that up and really just say everything that I want to say."

“Maybe he got somethin' he wants to tell us about his secret life. Ain’t nobody worried about 50. Let’s just ask the people."

This Game and 50 Cent beef is never going to die, is it? Game drops a pretty good analogy when he compares 50 Cent to a zombie that keep coming back, even after it's already been killed.

50 Cent

“Every now and again, you get these zombie movies: No matter how many times you shoot 'em, they just keep on. "I'mma kill him, though. I might have to figure out a different like scorpion gun or get a poisoned bow and arrow with peanut butter and skippy on it or something."

Are you ready to see Part II of the 50 Cent and Game beef? I think 50 may be in for some trouble this time around. He may want to tread softly...this ain't French Montana we're talking about. Shots fired!

Check out the Game interview with Power 106's "Big Boi's Neighborhood" below:

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