Hip-Hop Rumors: Has Chad Ochocinco Gone Crazy?! Tats Evelyn's Face On His Leg!

AllHipHop Staff

Okay, I'm sure people have asked this question before, but I beg to ask again, has Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson gone completely crazy? The man is definitely crazy in love, I tell you that! Just a few weeks after Evelyn filed for divorce from him for head butting her, Chad is determined to win her back, and has inked a huge portrait of her face onto his leg. Check out the new ink below:

Chad Ochocinco and Evelyn Tatt

Chad also seems to be in denial about the status of their relationship a.k.a. imminent divorce. He hit one of his Twitter followers with his signature "child please" when they brought up Evelyn filing for divorce. Check out his tweets below:

Chad tweet
Chad tweet

So, is Chad delusional, or do you think this gesture will get Evelyn clamouring to be back in his arms?


Sidenote - Just last week, Evelyn broke her silence about the violence she's endured from Chad. You can check out her full interview below:

It sounds like Evelyn still has a lot of emotional dealing to do before she takes Chad back. Do you think she should give him another chance?