Hip-Hop Rumors: Hilarious Throwback Footage of Kanye West And Ma$e!

AllHipHop Staff

Okay, throwback footage like this only comes around once every few years. Channel Zero.com has dug up some old footage of Ma$e and his group Harlem World taken way back in 1998. The footage was shot at Jermaine Dupri's Birthday Bash and towards the end, a very skinny, very geeked up producer named Kanye West makes an appearance, and to say that he looks hilarious is an understatement.

Yeezy is super excited to be there with the Harlem World group, and after shouting out Cardan, he talks about a track he produced for the group featuring Nas. In the clip, Ma$e also chats about Brandy having a "crush" on him, and makes it clear that she is not his "girl". This video is too funny. Skip to the 1:53 mark for a young Yeezy.

What is going on with Kanye's grill??? Did you catch Huddy Combs in the video? R.I.P. Hud-6.

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