Hip-Hop Rumors: Instagram Comedy! French Montana Strikes Back - Calls 50 "DunkeyKong"

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Earlier today, 50 cent dropped a bomb when he revealed that French Montana helped him shoot a DVD threatening DJ Khalid and his family. This was back in 2009 when French was the CEO of Coke Boys DVD. Read the story below if you haven't already:

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Well, although French hasn't responded on those accusations just yet, he has utliized his instagram account today to clown 50 Cent. French posted the sickly photo of 50 Cent below from the movie "All Falls Apart" along with the caption, "Get Rich or Die Trying, lol."

50 Cent

French also joked on 50's affinity for wearing jean shorts. Check out his instagram post below:

French Montana tweet

One thing that has come out of this whole 50 Cent and French Montana beef is that French Montana sure does have a good sense of humor. Oh sidenote, 50 said also called French Montana the"new Ja Rule." Do you think 50 still has it in him to end anyone career, let along French Montana who is currently the most popular kid in Hip-Hop.

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