Hip-Hop Rumors: Irv Gambles Big $, Amber Rose vs Amber Rose!!

Irv Gotti The Gambler!

Irv Gotti may have lost some money on lawyers and stuff after the government came after him for money laundering a few years ago. Well we all know Irv spanked the government and beat the charges, but his career just hasn't been the same since for whatever reason. So while we wait for Irv to jump all the way back into the music game, Irv is caking up, as a professonial gambler. Irv is gambling in some sort of big-time tournament. The guy was playing with like $250,000. It looks like he lost half of that, and then doubled up before he quit his game. Rich folk problems.


Jhene Aiko was busted up in a car accident last night. The accident was bad enough that she was hospitalized and needed stitches, and had a chipped tooth AND a broken wrist. She was supposed to perform at LSU tomorrow but has canceled the gig. Hope you feel better. She'll still be cute with a chipped tooth too.



Amber Rose went back to her hometown of Philly sometime last weekend, right before the VMA's went down. Now Amber is a really cool lady who's kind of down to earth. So when she comes back home it's usually all love. But this time she got a little hate. She was rolling through the city when some fans rolled up and called her out - for looking too much like AMBER ROSE! That's right! They thought the real Amber Rose was the fake Amber Rose. It didn't get too nasty and I guess the real Amber just shrugged it off and kept it moving.


"They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!" -illseed.

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