Hip-Hop Rumors: Is $2 Million "Small Change?" Find Out Which Rapper Thinks So!

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Last time I checked, $2 Million was a fortune, especially if you owe it to somebody else. Well, according to some people in Lil' Wayne's camp, 2 Milli is allegedly "small change" to Wezzy F. Baby. The rapper just lost a little over that amount in a lawsuit brought up against him by filmmaker, Quincy Jones III. If you all recall, Wayne allowed him to do a documentary on him, but then bashed the film and said it was defaming his character.

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According to one of Lil' Wayne's boys, Weezy is not upset about losing the money, but believes that the judge and jury only ruled against him because he didn't show up to court. Wayne feels like he was punished for being too sick to fly. According to TMZ, Wayne had a "medical emergency" and was ordered by his doctor not to fly, so he could not make his court date.

The judge was not trying to hear that excuse and awarded QD3 with $2,195,000 in lost revenue due to Wayne bad mouthing the indie movie.

Sidenote: Weezy was too sick to fly, but he allegedly drove from Louisiana to Miami to attend a Heat game. Talk about not having your priorities in order.

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