Hip-Hop Rumors: Is 50 Cent Talking Badly About Floyd Mayweather Again?

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With friends like 50 Cent, who needs enemies? The rapper, who has previously claimed that boxer Floyd Mayweather was his best friend, was caught tweeting that his "best friend" was "not very bright." 50 didn't drop any names, but it's common knowledge that he and Floyd have had a very recent falling out.

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Check out 50's tweet below:

50 Cent tweet

How long before Floyd knocks 50 the f*ck out?! He's really going overboard. First, forming a company with Floyd's arch enemy, Manny Paquiao, and now, talking constant crap about him with any media outlet that will listen.

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So, you guys have been emailing me asking me to bring up the "real" reason why Floyd and 50 are no longer friends. You twisted my arm, so I will! Rumor has it that 50 Cent and Floyd's fiancée, Ms. Jackson, got extra close while Mayweather was in the bing, and Floyd did not like that one bit.

50 Cent and Ms. Jackson

People were chattering that 50 and Ms. Jackson were allegedly seeing each other behind Floyd's back while he was in prison. I don't know what to tell you about this one, except that I have heard it whispered before.

C'est la vie!!! Are you going to miss this bromance?

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