Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Aaliyah's Family In Support Of Drake Working On Her Album Or Not?

AllHipHop Staff

There are so many rumors going around regarding this new Aaliyah posthumous album that my head is starting to spin. I sure do hope the publicity leads to album sales for the estate of Aaliyah. As we all have heard, Drake and 40 are "commanding" the project and Timbaland is rumored to have already worked on two songs.

Drake had initially said that he had the support of Aaliyah's family, but Aaliyah's brother Rashad posted that the family was not in support of the album - You can read that story here.

Shortly after, Aaliyah's record label, Blackground, which is run by her uncle Barry Hankerson, released a statement to Miss Info, saying that the family IS in support of the album and they were the one who leaked it, not Drake as previously reported. Shesh! What is really going on here?

Well now in an interview with Much Music, Drake has reinforced that the family is in support of the album. Check out what he said below:

"People should be really excited. People thought it was my single; it's not my single. It's all off of an Aaliyah project that me and 40 are commanding and 40's just doing some incredible, some incredible music right now."

"To get 13, 14 new Aaliyah songs, everybody should be excited. It's not about me. It's not about 40. It's about her and her fans and us just getting the opportunity to give you something that we feel is great. And the people around her, everybody from her family to her old management and label, were like, 'If there's anyone out that can do it right now, it's [you] and 40.' And that was an honor and we're going to pull in some classic people, anybody who used to work with Aaliyah that was essential in her career we definitely hope to have them involved. So it's great. You get a new Aaliyah album this year on top of everything."

Drake sounds pretty sure about her family being "excited" about the project and he seems to be going about it the right way by including Timbaland and the people who use to work with Aaliyah. Let's see if Rashad releases another statement or not. Do you believe that Aaliyah's family is really in support of the project?

The full Aaliyah album will be out later this year.