Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Big Sean Trying To Steal The Game's Album Title?

AllHipHop Staff

A few weeks ago, Game announced that he was going to name his upcoming album, Jesus Piece. Well, in a recent interview with XXL Magazine, Big Sean revealed that he had just recorded a track entitled "Jesus Piece" for his upcoming sophomore album, Hall of Fame: Memoirs of a Detroit Player. The new track features Nas and was produced by No I.D. Check out what Big Sean said about the track below:

Big Sean and Nas

“It’s a classic hip-hop song. We don’t just talk about Jesus pieces in general, we talk about Jesus pieces and the impact they had around the time in our life when we got our first Jesus pieces, or when we saw our idols with their Jesus pieces.”


So, did Big Sean steal this idea from Game, who had previously announced that Jesus Piece was going to be the name of his fifth studio album? Can we expect a Game diss towards Big Sean in the near future because of the duplicate name?

Sidenote - what do you think this track is going to sound like?

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