Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Bow Wow A Deadbeat Dad?

Rapper Bow Wow has been publicly outed as a deadbeat dad on Twitter by the sister of his child's mother. You see, Bow Wow had a daughter last year with his girlfriend at the time, a woman named Joie. During her pregnancy, Bow Wow broke up with her and was spotted out with his ex-girlfriend, Angela Simmons, at the same time as Joie's baby shower. Joie took to Twitter to allege that the baby was planned, and she had no idea why Bow Wow had turned on her.

Once little Shai was born, Bow Wow began posting photos of her on Twitter, and the public thought that he had a change of heart and was being a good dad to his daughter.

Bow Wow and Shai

Not so, according to Joie's sister. She accuses Bow Wow of only seeing his daughter three times - mind you, Shai is about a year and a half now. She also alleges that Bow Wow posts photos of Shai that Joie sends him, in an attempt to fool the public into thinking that he is actually spending time with his daughter. Check out her tweets below:


Bow Wow has not responded on Twitter, and neither has his mother Teresa. Hasn't Bow Wow heard Nas'"Daughters"? If this is true, he needs to step up asap, and be a father to that precious little girl.