Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Chief Keef Headed To Jail Over An Interview?!

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Troubled Chicago rapper Chief Keef has been making headlines ever since Kanye West jumped on his street single, "I Don't Like" - but most of those headlines have been geared towards the negative. The teen rapper was previously in the news after an insensitive tweet he sent out after the death of rival rapper Lil' JoJo sparked a police investigation into whether he had anything to do with the murder.

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Well, now the rapper may be headed back to prison over his infamous gun range interview with Pitchfork. According to the Chicago-Sun Times, Chief Keef is on probation and having a firearm is in direct violation of his probation. In the interview which was video recorded, Keef shot a firearm - a no-no when you're on probation.

Chicago prosecutors have requested that Chief Keef be put back behind bars for this violation, and the Chief of police has said that "anytime he is in Chicago, he is a potential target and anyone around him is in jeopardy, including innocent kids."

Check out the interview/freestyle video below that has Chief Keef potentially going back to jail:

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